601 Grand Central Ave, Lavallette, NJ - Tel: (732) 793-4447
Serving Lunch and Dinner
Daily Until 10:00pm

Is there anything better than enjoying a cold, refreshing beer after a long, hot day on the beach? How about enjoying that beer at one of the best beer bars in Lavallette NJ? Not only is The Crab's Claw Inn conveniently just a short walk from many beaches in the area, it has one of the most diverse bottled beer menus in the area. One glance at our menu and you'll see what makes some say we are among the best beer bar Lavalette New Jersey has to offer.

We start with a great variety of American beers. At Crab's Claw Inn you'll find all your old favorites like Yuengling, Miller High Life, and Samuel Adam's Boston Lager. Along side those you'll find new favorites like Schmidt's of Philadelphia, Anchor Liberty Ale, and Sam Adam's Stout. Moving on to our international menu is what makes us unique among even the best beer bars in Lavallette NJ. Most bars carry beers from Germany, Belgium, Australia and Mexico. Our list includes Brazil, the Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, and Vietnam.  Come in today and start touring the world with us, one beer at a time.