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The Crabs Claw Inn
Lavallette, NJ 08735J
Tel: (732) 793-4447

Menu ☰

601 Grand Central Ave.
Lavallette, NJ
(732) 793-4447

Kitchen Hours
Sunday - Thursday
Open until 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday Until 10:00pm
Happy Hour
Sun - Thurs
10am - Closing
Friday 10am - 7pm
Bar Open Till 1:30am

601 Grand Central Ave.
Lavallette, NJ
(732) 793-4447

serving fantastic seafood and an extensive list of bottled and draft beers

Our specialty drinks make us stand out among bars in Ocean County New Jersey and pair perfectly with our many events throughout the month. Our bartenders are continually coming up with new and inventive ways to mix old favorites with new flavors like our Van Gogh Martini which combines dark Van Gogh espresso vodka with Bailey’s and cream for a delicious take on the classic vodka martini. Our Orange Julius, a blend of Smirnoff Vanilla, triple sec, and orange juice, is another that sets us apart from other Ocean County NJ bars. Of course, just like other bars in Ocean County NJ, we also have a full bar stocked with liquor, beer, and wine so if an old favorite is your preference we’re happy to serve that as well. While you’re attending one of our events this month, feel free to step out of your comfort zone and try one of our specialty drinks!